At the Galaxy's Edge

The Brief Career of Lord Ullic Zatrus
He took a wrong turn.

This was our introductory session. 


Berd'amul'razo  "Baird" – Chiss Officer
Stryker Hackell – Togorian Bounty Hunter
Khloe – Togorian Bounty Hunter
E'lani and Rask – Togorian Smuggler and pet
Fitz – Bothan Spy
Idixx Khalavan – Defel Scrounger


We started on the planet Troiken, in the Dewback Inn.  We were poisoned unconcious.


We awoke on a slave ship, captured and collared.  The ship was owned by the Zygerrian slavers and were on the way back to their empire.

The team got acquainted with each other while we worked on prying the bars.  We made contact with E'lani to complete the group.

Lord Ulluc Zatrus of the Zygerrian Slave Empire was our captor.

We made our escape with E'lani's help, and set to work disrupting the ship.

The ship was the "Lost Hope", a Kiltirin class Dungeon Ship.  The class was originally Mandalorian design, but later built by Corellians.  It features 4 turbolaser batteries, several light laser cannons.

The ship has four decks:

Deck 1 – Bridge, crew quarters

Deck 2 and 3 – Slaves, cargo bays

Deck 4 – Hangar bays

Berd issued commands over the comm system, disrupting orders and sending crews to the wrong places.  Stryker, Khloe, and E'lani went about the hunt, as is their nature, defeating the crew in a stand-up fight.  Idixx took to the shadows, ambushing anyone trying to flank the group.

We rescued a lot of slaves.   We made our way to Deck 1, with freed slaves taking over the turbolaser batteries.

Berd and the Togorians killed Ulluc, and we took over the ship.  We had a cat-and-mouse pursuit to flee the other Zygerrian ships.

We retreated to Vaynai, where an Alliance fleet was making a visit.  The fleet was under the command of Admiral Kursk Azurith, and was present to make a show of force and open diplomatic relations with this part of the galaxy.

Fitz informed the Admiral what was going on, and we made a run to shelter behind the Alliance fleet.  The fleet made short work of the remaining Zygerrian slavers.

We made to surrender the slave ship and get back to our lives.  But first we had other business.

We returned to Troiken, and put the lean onto the bartender who had sold us out.

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