Idixx Khalavann


Idixx Khalavann


Defel (Pretends to be Shistavanen)


Idixx is a Defel at the end of his rope. Recruited at an idealistic young age to fight in other people’s wars (possibly on the wrong side), he quickly grew jaded.

Somewhere along the way, he was offered the opportunity to study Teras Kasi, as a way to fight his way out of his obligations. Of course, this was quickly twisted into simply more training, changing his role from soldier to commando – even assassin.

When the war drew to a close, Idixx packed up what little he had, bought a title-questionable ship from the estate of a slain merchant, and left to get as far away as he could.

Idixx uses his own talents to scavenge, sometimes aided by what seems to be a minor sixth sense. He has some talent with Teras Kasi, and with Sense, but has not developed either to any great degree.

Custom skills

(something) Operations – I’m not sure what (something) faction is yet, but Idixx has a background in doing commando work. He still has some contacts with them.

Salvage (Technical) – Idixx begins the game working as a scrounger. Some part of his background included field repairs, or possibly even “Q” ship operations.

Martial Arts Society – This is the “Operations” skill for martial artists. Idixx doesn’t know much, but knows a little more than most.


Idixx has two droids, picked up in his salvaging career. Both of them are old (even ancient) but functional. They may or may not become droid companions on adventures.

3C-O4 is a 3C class utility droid (in the same series as the T3 droids) – He helps maintain the ship and equipment. This droid is truly ancient. (GM: probably scavenged from a private collection gone missing in the war – could have secrets)

Loader is a Trade Federation Loader droid, dumb as a rock but excellent at picking things up.

Big Mac is a chef droid, liberated from the Zygarrian Slave Empire ship “Lost Hope”


Photon Wave is a title-challenged MC-18 light freighter. (GM: Probably bartered, maybe “liberated” during the wars)

It is pretty much stock for its class, well worn and maintained.


Somebody would have trained Idixx to be a commando, and somebody would have given him his orders.

Another martial artist, Jedi, Sith, or otherwise may take interest in him. The Jedi are a faraway myth, but perhaps something calls to him.

With his own past, it is likely he has been touched by the Dark Side already.


Idixx Khalavann

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